How to Become a Professional Movie Editor Even if You Don't Know Anything About Editing Before......

"This is a Step by Step to go From  *Beginner to* Professional Movie Editor in Few Days!"

I Encourage you to read this from A-Z as this will expose all the lies you have been told that Video Editing is for some set of gifted people ...

 In the next 3 to 5 minutes I’m going to share with you the easy way to become a professional movie editor even if you have never edited your own picture before.

And while you already know I can’t legally make you a guarantee or promises that you will become a professional overnight…. I can tell you that I have many students who thought movie editing is for some set of professional, gifted people but now seeing how easy it is to edit movie in a quickest and fastest way.

 Here are some real testimonies from some of my students who are now professional in movie editing

My name is Adelerin Olawale Emmanuel.... I took the video editing course organised by Nattytunes and I must confess that I have learnt a lot as pertaining film editing. His lectures are simple and very easy to understand. He takes his time to give us practicals too. Nattytunes has been a real blessing I must say. May God bless you for us and continually bestow knowledge on you.. Amen

=== Adelerin Olawale Emmanuel

Nattytunes is a tutor with a bang, a rare one at that.

He teaches you all he knows about the subject, goes into the deep and intrinsic part of that subject and never hides anything in video editing.

Easily approachable and available. He's not an absentee leader. He is a "do what I do leader" He takes your hand teaches you how to edit video like a professional.

I'll recommend him to any one who is in search of a tutor in video editing. Some the movies he edited includes: Mary's Option, Knotted, Akobi Laaroye, The Dilemma of sister Clara.

=== Ibitomisin Ruth Peace

To Whom it may concern,
I Ajijolajesu Kehinde, has been under the auspices of nattytunes for video editing course till I can stand alone.

His training is a mentoring programme that span through alot of different aspects of video editing. His training is thought provoking, practical, motivated and straight forward. 

I am happy to partake in the training course of video editing with him. I am still under his tutelage until now, not yet through and  I am indeed proud to recommend him to everyone, who will like to learn video editing from the scrap till when he/she can crack bone.

=== Ajijolajesu Kehinde

 So….. Movie Editing is Not Like Jumping From 40 Storey Building?

 Well, let me put it like this….

 Do you know how to cook white rice and beans?

It’s pretty easy, right?

All you have to do is put water on fire, add beans and after some minute’s add your rice, later add salt to make it sweet.

After some minutes serve yourself, relaxing and eating  with one cold fruit juice.

But instead of cooking rice and beans…. You are cooking video and audio to make it ready for human to watch either to sell a products/services or for home watch And instead of you relaxing and eat, you are relaxing and checking your phone for bank alert from different companies paying you for few hours video marketing you edited for them.

Once you can master how to edit this movie within some days or weeks you will keep attracting many clients and they will keep on bringing more work on your way And the best part! You will discover how to go from completely newbie in video editing to a professional before leaving this page

Is Movie Editing Profitable Like That?

HOoooo.... Let me tell you this

Behind every great film is an amazing editor.

But how much does a film editor make?

Experienced film editors are able to make a good living.

As a film editor, it’s your job to take raw footage and splice it together to create a beautiful film.

Since it’s the final step in the filmmaking process, it requires a lot of talent, thoughtfulness, responsibility and mentoring

You are asking how much are film editor even making?

Less experienced film and video editors make anywhere from $35,000 to $40,000 a annum, while more experienced editors can make minimum of $80,000. If you convert that to Naira that is millions

However, this is a relative number; hourly rates for freelance film editors often fluctuate, with rates ranging anywhere from as low as $20 an hour up to $80, depending on skill level.

In fact, a film editor’s hourly rate can go from $25 an hour on one project to $50 on another, it all depends on the client and the type of work required.

To summarize everything, an average film editor’s salary is $55,740. Per year and that is over 22 million naira when convert to Naira.

That is an Average. Am talking about people who are really serious who are ready to leave outside the box.

For example, let’s look at Fiverr the Top Freelancing site where you can offer your video editing service later if you decides to do freelancing job

Check that guy very well….

He has sold over three thousand of that gig, one minute video editing; (15 minutes he put there is for premium service of $200. You can see he has over 2k review and it's not all who bought from him drop review. Or how many times have you drop a review on Jumia after buying a product even if the product is great?

Am just using that as an example, there are hundreds of people like him selling on that Fiverr with great review too.

Let’s say he is just selling 5 of that gig in a day that is $100 and from what you can see he is getting average of 10 orders in single day on that gig alone with other gigs on his profile

You may decide not to sell on Fiverr and decides to focus only on Nigerian who are selling on social media to edit one-minute video at an average of 10k per one depends on how great the video is and your level of expertise. The choice is yours

What is the work of Film Editor?

At the most basic level, a film editor’s job is telling a story. Combining various clips and audio together to create a cohesive vision is the goal.

A film editor’s job can include everything from working with the director to helping rewrite scripts and editing storyboards for the purpose of getting the best movie

Now, I know what you’re thinking…..

You’re thinking this is another promised and failed online scammers?

Far from it! This is never in anyway related

Even though you have spent a lot of money buying courses online that delivered nothing but failed promises.

If you read the testimonies above you will understand that this is far from it.

And we still don’t know each other yet!

I haven’t even introduced myself to you and you haven’t even discovered who I am to know if am really doing what am trying to introduce to you even though you watched my free video

So, in just few minutes I will tell you more about myself and you will decide for yourself if am qualify to teach you this system and if you are ready to learn every aspect of this movie editing before you go to bed today

 Do we have a deal?............

And oh yeah….

Before I will tell you about myself, I need to mention two quick things

FIRST: As at the time am creating this page, only few people are in my Video Editing Master Whatsapp Group and am looking for just 50 people to Train and mentor personally.

Once we hit 50 active students, you are either going to pay 200k for me to train you tomorrow or I will stop teaching people how to be a professional movie editor!

So, is important that you read this page to the end, while you still can.

I don’t want you to come back here tomorrow only to find out that you’ve been completely locked out

(Besides, you only need just 2 minutes)

SECOND: As at the time am creating this page, only few people know about movie editing which means the market is so hot right now, there are less competitions which make it a profitable skill you need right now

Sound Good?


Allow me to introduce myself…..

My Name is Abiola Babatola Nattytunes,

A film editor and Graphic Designer. I started as a professional movie since 2011 after series of try and error.

Since that 2011 God has been Faithful and I can see His hand on everything am doing.

Have trained many people on how to edit movie, even people who never thought they could

My Movie Editing professionalism earn me an Award in 2019 as a best movie Editor and the best Special Effect of the year at Gospel Film Festival (Gofest) 2019.

My success is not because am the most perfect man on earth but because of the Mercy of God and because I determined to be who I am today as a professional Movie Editor

I have edited many movies in the past and presently I still have some am working on.

Below are the few from my past work

  • Akobi laaroye 2
  • The Slave by Woli agba
  • Uncle Johnson by Woli agba
  • Knotted
  • Alula by Femgangan
  • An Encounter
  • Iyewu for aIku
  • The bait
  • Hostage
  • Mary's Option
  • And Many More

This is the Certificate of the Award

Okay, I’ll bet you’re wondering how easy it is to go from completely newbie to professional movie editor

The truth, is all you need to do is to follow my step by steps system that will make you to learn faster and easier and am going to show you how you will get it now!


Do you remember I told you am looking for just 50 people? And we are increasing in the group every hour which am pretty sure you don’t want to be lockout

 So, Follow the two steps


Get my complete step by step VIDEO EDITING MASTER CLASS today. Once you get this video, you will first watch it all from A-Z and after that you will start taking it one after the order, watching and practicing



After Getting the step by step VIDEO EDITING MASTER COURSE today, you will need to send me your whatsapp number and I will add you to the whatsapp group where I will give you more update, more information and where you can interact with other Editors to ask questions etc.

(Am working on a system to market yourself on social media to be able to attract companies who are ready to pay you any amount to edit a movie or video marketing for them) You can only get that information if you join the Whatsapp Inner Group

Video Editing Master Course Contents

  • Introduction to Film Editing
  • Introduction to Film Editing 2
  • Introduction to Software
  • Introduction to Software 2
  • Editing Video 1-3
  • Transition and Text
  • Subtitle
  • Color correction
  • Color grading and render
  • And Many More

Course Duration: 3hrs 5mins 45Secs

How Many Videos: 11 Videos

Requirements: A good laptop and good internet connection don't worry about the softwares, I will provide that

You can see this is a deep course that will take you from newbie to expert


What if I decide to throw some bonuses to people who will be getting this Video Editing Master Class today?

I have Four Great Bonuses for you if you get this Video Editing Master Class Today

This bonuses is not for everyone, It's only for people that are ready to get this Video editing today. After today I may decide to push off this bonuses:

  • Graphics on Phone #1 (Worth #20,000) - This is a video step by steps on how to do a great graphic using your phone. You can render this service online and earn more money (You can render it on Fiverr and Upwork)
  • Shooting With Phone #2  (Worth #35,000) - You have to use what you have to start something, but that thing you have you need to learn the proper way to use it for you to get quality work. I will be giving you this video on how to use phone to shot a marketable movie. (Have you heard of a guy who shot movie with phone and the movie make over 7 million dollar in 2017??
  • Editing With Kinemaster #3 (Worth #17,000) - You can Edit your movie using your smart phone and get perfect work. Am going to give you this free video on how to edit movie using your phone if you get Movie Editing Master Class today
  • My Mentorship Program #4 (Priceless) If you have been buying course online and you didn't get proper guide from the owner, this is going to be different. Apart from adding you to my inner circle whatsapp group, I will also be available to answer any of your question

I Need to Get Started Right Now!

I know you can't wait again, you want to know how to get the Video Editing Master Class and am going to show you how now.

You know what, because we are just launching this course am going to wow you

Grand Opening

Special Price

When my friend and I sat down to discuss the “public” price, I was dead set on #50,000 minimum! We argued for a while and he won. You won't pay #50,000 for this amazing course.

Instead, because you are at the very front of the queue you can get this Master course right now for a very small investment. Keep in mind that this is a very special price.

All am going to ask you to invest today is only a fraction of the cost. I know, am nuts!! But don't get too comfortable because.. this is an “early bird”, a grand opening special price and it increases for the duration of the launch. You need to ACT FAST!

Original Price: #50,000

Today's Special Price: #14,999

This Special Discount Expires In

If you don't get this special discount now the price of this course will go up every 24 hours till it goes back to the original price of 50k which is still a great deal but doesn't come close to what am offering you today

100% Risk FREE Money Back Guarantee

Listen to this! I am so PROUD and CONFIDENT in Video Editing Master Class that am willing to put my MONEY where my mouth is! Am offering a take action unconditional 30-day money back guarantee to YOU today just for being WILLING to simply TRY out my PROVEN course!

Again, Video Editing Master Course is from Beginner and I guarantee you will learn easily using this course. But in case you get this course and you didn't see all I promise there, am offering a full refund upon your request ANYTIME within 30 days of your purchase.

I am taking 100% of the risks and putting myself in position to be taken advantage of. Why? Simple! Because I understand the MOST people are genuinely GOOD people and they ONLY want to SUCCEED!

Remember this is just a Launching Price and the price will go up any moment from now. So, get it today

Now it’s decision time…

You’ve Got 2 Options

You can continue doing it yourself or looking for another way to become video editor hoping you can achieve some success...

You can continue spending money on some failed and promised course online and at the end you will still look for a way to get this!

You can continue struggling to crack the Video editing code while other people are doing it as if they are relaxing eating their cooked rice and beans...

You can continue wishing you had just a little more money while some are making all the money editing just 50 seconds video...


You get a chance to step into something real... something proven to become a  Professional.

Not just for me.. but for my countless number of students who were in the exact same boat you’re in now.

And a chance to do it with someone who will actually take you on his shoulders when necessary... to take you across the goal line...

P S: I am not promising you that you will become a professional movie editor overnight, if you want to become Video editor overnight this course is not for you. Movie editing required a serious mind and dedicated mind and the you must be ready to listen to professional.

If you have any other questions please, contact me immediatly using the contact details below:


Babatola Abiola Nattytunes

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