Letter to my daughter by PVO


My original intention for writing these letters
was to have a documentation of my
thoughts for my 3 biological daughters.
So that in case, I finish my assignment
here on earth and God calls me home,
they will have something to fall back on
as my words and ideals…
It has taken a long time to put this together
but, before I completed it,
I had a leading in my spirit
to make it a public document so that
my spiritual, adopted and other daughters
around the world can benefit from this also.
So, between 1st June and 31st July 2017,
I posted this letter daily on the social media.
Many testimonies came in
to prove to me that God is in it indeed
With my bended knees and prayers to God for
you, I present to you words from my heart…
Letter to my daughter. Trusting God
that these words will help you live a glorious life.
I love you Daughter…

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