Producer And Crew


PRODUCER DUMP: As regards our production coming up on 30th of January, what will be our bills for your services?
CREW: Sir, don’t worry about paying for my service. God has instructed me not to collect a dine from you.
PRODUCER DUMP: My brother, are you serious?
CREW: I’m serious sir. That was the instruction I received.
PRODUCER DUMP: Hallelujah! This our God is awesome. When He told us to embark on this production, we almost stopped it due to lack of funds. Not knowing that He had started His work before starting.
CREW: Hallelujah! He is marvelous.
PRODUCER DUMP: My brother, I pray that My God will continue to bless you
CREW: Amen
PRODUCER DUMP: I’m very grateful sir
CREW: Don’t mention sir.


PRODUCER DUMP: We are embarking on another location by October.
CREW: Hallelujah! That’s lovely sir.
PRODUCER DUMP: So, we have decided to request for your services for that production.We choose you based on your ministerial spirit and fear of God.
CREW: Ok sir, thanks for the privilege
PRODUCER DUMP: I will forward the script to you.
CREW: Ok sir. But sir, you didn’t discuss about paying for our services and the likes
PRODUCER DUMP: Yes sir. Hmmm… actually, it was zero budget film and we don’t have any provision for that.

CREW: Sir?
PRODUCER DUMP: Yes my brother.
CREW: Well, you will have to pay this time. God instructed me not to collect a dine at your last location and I acted based on the instruction received. But now, God told me that you will be on another location and you should pay me.
PRODUCER DUMP: You’re right my brother. Two weeks ago, someone blessed us with 500k but we had to use it for something important. We are broke now but we’re still trusting God for provision.

CREW: Ok sir, but I can’t do anything against the will of God. So if you didn’t pay, I won’t work with you.
PRODUCER DUMP: My brother, but I thought you’re ministry minded
CREW: Yes I do, but I can’t go outside God’s instruction.
PRODUCER DUMP: Ok, I will get back to you.
CREW: Thank you sir.


PRODUCER PAY: Good evening sir
PRODUCER DUMP: Evening my friend
PRODUCER PAY: I have a location coming up on 15th of this month
PRODUCER DUMP: Hallelujah! So, how can I be of help?
PRODUCER PAY: Ok sir. You will still be of help but not now. For now, I need Mr. Crew’s contact.
PRODUCER DUMP: Mr. Crew’s number? What for?
PRODUCER PAY: I need to contact him for that location. Like seven months ago, you recommended him as one of the best ministry minded crew. More so, as I was praying about the location and God placed it in my heart to use him.

PRODUCER DUMP: It’s well my brother. Well, you can’t use Mr. Crew
PRODUCER DUMP: The man has backslided, his love for money now can’t be measured at all.
PRODUCER PAY: Sir, are you serious with what you are saying? But you said he is Ministry minded.
PRODUCER DUMP: I’m very serious. Mr. Crew has gradually move to secular world. He is no more doing ministry again.
PRODUCER DUMP: Yes sir, if you will listen to my advice, I would rather suggest that you look for another person.
PRODUCER PAY: Ok sir, I’ll try another person. O ga ooooo
PRODUCER DUMP: Beeni oooo, that’s our crew for you!


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