Once upon a time lived a tongue lashing, spirit filled handsome young man. He was a man who was constantly on fire for God, enlarging the kingdom, working wonders, and setting captives free, indeed, he was a a terror to the kingdom of darkness. Many other ministers looked up to him and hungered for his anointing. He was encapsulated in Grace.

Not until one day! One fateful day! Which was the beginning of Bro John’s many trials….

A beautifully sculptured young girl walked into his office, yeah, she was a beauty to behold, with features in the right proportions and in the right places, she was Akaeze, one of his many students.

She came in for counseling and as usual, he showed her to her seat, prayed with her, then listened to what she had to say, counselled her and prayed for her, she thanked him and left.

That was the beginning of Akaeze’s many visits to Bro John’s office and then, his house.

But one day!

This burning young man, role model to many, sacrificed his soul on the altar of fornication, and that day marked the beginning of his many torments.

He became the subject of Akaeze’s threats and blackmails. He found himself under her beck and call, always doing her bids.

Hmmm… How disheartening, how the mighty falls!

This man remained under the blackmail of Akaeze for many months until he confided in one of his close friends, Akaya, Akaya recorded her displeasure and scolded him, but afterwards, they both went to confront Akaeze, it was a tug of war.

Her grip on Bro John was quite tight, he was too weak, his spiritual confidence and strength had been drained by her constant condemnation.

So, Akaya deviced a means of dealing with Akaeze. She decided to be his strength, his pillar of support.

Nobody knows what Akaya did to Akaeze, the only thing we heard was that, she changed her school afterwards and never bothered this brother again.


As believers, we’re Bro John, however how strong you think you are, watch and pray.

Let him who think he stand, take heed, lest he falls. 1Corinth 10:12

Akaeze, the devil, is going about, seeking whom to devour… 1Peter 5:8

And if by any chance, you’ve fallen and entrapped, cry out to that friend who loved you while you were yet a sinner, how much more now…

Akaya, the lover of our soul, Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, while you hold your peace, will fight for you and condemn the devil, casting him away to where he belongs. Ex 14:14

Then you can sing the freedom song

“Allow me to introduce myself, I’m not the one you used  to know, I am a brand new man, I am a brand new man,

Look at me from head to toe, and see the power that is shining from the inside out, from the inside out.

I am sanctified, I am purified,

And He is glorified, by His hand of salvation, I am justified, and I am in the light, just to testify,

I am freeee”

He who has ears, let him hear..

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