January 28th,
(The Start Film Shoot)

DIRECTOR: Cut! Continuity,
DIRECTOR: Please check your script thoroughly if we are through with all the scenes
(Continuity flip through her script)
CONTINUITY: Yes we are through sir
DIRECTOR: Hallelujah! And it’s a wrap
(Cast and crew jubilating)

(After Shoot Meeting between PRODUCER M and CREW)
PRODUCER M: Thanks for your cooperation towards the success of THE START FILM SHOOT. Our God will reward you abundantly and we will not miss it in Jesus name.
CREW: Amen
PRODUCER M: We have prepared an honorarium for every member of the crew. After this meeting, try to see our secretary for your own envelope
CREW: Thank you sir.

17: 35

CREW BITE: Have you check your envelope?
CREW SAY: Yes, it’s 5k
CREW BITE: Same here
CREW SAY: Ha! How much did they give CREW WORK?
CREW BITE: It’s 25k
CREW SAY: Ha! Why now? Did he has two head? And they will be praising his office than ours, why?
CREW BITE: Don’t know, but I know that God will intervene and we will also step into this matter.
CREW SAY: That will be better.

February 10th,
(Phone conversation)

PRODUCER K: Have you go through the script?
CREW WORK: Yes sir
PRODUCER K: What’s my bill like?
CREW WORK: It will cost you 30k
PRODUCER K: Ha! This price is too much, can’t afford it. Please, help us to reduce this price.
CREW WORK: Sir, but you also know that the materials to be purchase and rent will cost 25k. I will be left with 5k, which is meant for fittings and logistics.
PRODUCER K: I have 25k, how can you help me out?
CREW WORK: Maybe you should go and buy those materials, and also do the rentage. Maybe when you get to market, there may be reduction in the price.
PRODUCER K: Ok, no problem. I will get back to you.
CREW WORK: Thank you sir.

(Phone Conversation)

CREW BITE: Sir, have you reach out to CREW WORK?
CREW BITE: What was your conclusion, sir?
PRODUCER K: He charged us 30k
CREW BITE: Ha! That’s too much. Why are brethrens behaving like this? Everything supposed to be 20k now. He loves money eating food
PRODUCER K: Ha! Are you sure?
CREW BITE: Yes sir,
PRODUCER K: But, how can you help in talking to him to accept that 20k?
CREW BITE: Don’t worry, I will get you another better crew than him with fear of God that will take 20k for the work.
PRODUCER K: Ok sir. But I also know that the price of those materials is 25k
CREW BITE: Sir, there is deflation now
PRODUCER K: Are you sure?
CREW BITE: Very sure, count on me. I’ll get it done
PRODUCER K: Thanks you my brother, I’m very grateful sir.
CREW BITE: Bye sir.
(Phone hanged)
CREW BITE: CREW WORK, this is just the beginning. How will your charge be higher than mine. I will frustrate you out of this ministry!


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